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2010 May

Go see The Gondoliers

If you're around Cambridge, go see The Gondoliers, or The King of Barataria. Remaining performances Thursday and Friday at 8pm, or Saturday at 2pm, all in Sala.

If you go to the weeknight performances, you'll get to see me drop heavy pieces of the set on myself. The music is interesting and the vocalists are quite talented.

(Yes, this is kind of a copout, but I am hella fried this weekend.)

music stuff

Oh look, a Korg M3 wiki.

I have recently become aware of the the Nord Modular and Nord Modulator G2 synthesizers.The basic idea is that you have a DSP on your little black (red) box that you say "emulate this here analog synth", which is relatively old hat at this point. The trick here is that you tell these "emulate this arbitrary giant modular synthesizer", and while you're at it, make it polyphonic if you have the spare CPU. Not only could this make some potentially fiendish noises, but it could the eliminate the desire for much esoteric hardware.

This site has a bewilderingly continuous flow of synthesizer-related links and interestingly relevant e-bay options.

more Nord modular stuff

Here are a couple of demos of the Micro Modular, which is a scaled down version of the first-generation Modular:

Which led me to the following video:

Which in tern led me to the Metasonix TX-1 Agonizer, which is intriguing if expensive, which leads me to Metasonix, who, although they no longer seem to make the TX-1, do make new vacuum tube-based analog synthesizers, including, oddly, a drum machine made with vacuum tubes, which has to be as far into the cool×odd quadrant as I'm likely to get today.

a selection of my open tabs

A selection of my open tabs, some of which I'm closing because this constitutes a sort of bookmark...

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