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a selection of my open tabs

A selection of my open tabs, some of which I'm closing because this constitutes a sort of bookmark...

The Stretta Procedure

RFC5868 - Problem Statement on the Cross Realm Operation of Kerberos

Learn the basics of roasting garlic

DJ Tech Tools blog

Echo Nest Remix Blog - Earworm and Capsule

USB Radio Interface

Nord Modular & Micro Modular V3.0.3 tips and tricks

modwsgi Access Control Mechanisms

English Sentences Without Overt Grammatical Subjects

wireless FSK transceiver modules RFM12B

JeeNode V4

Anonymous Kerberos

Pkinit configuration

W4RT radio mods and parts

Kerberos domain realm referrals

webfinger protocol draft

Implementing WebFinger

Notmuch -- The mail indexer

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